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Heidelberg partner school actually…at Neckargemünd

One of the four partner schools is the Max Born Gymnasium, (MBG) Neckargemünd, situated near Heidelberg, Germany, nestled at the Neckar River and surrounded by the Odenwald mountains with their many historical castles.

The MBG is a German high school for 5th to 12th graders (10- to 17-year-old students) which renders the Abitur (general university entrance qualification) as its final degree.  In the grades 8 to 10, students mayor in one of the three tracks: languages, IMP (Informatics, mathematics, and physics), or NWT (natural sciences and technology), before entering the college level (11th and 12th grade).

The subject of astronomy can be selected in grade 5 (as a 1 hour weekly working group), and at the college level (as a 2h weekly optional course), and some aspects of astronomy are parts of the school curriculum of the stem tracks IMP and NWT.