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October 2020

Start the Project

The project starts: the logos of the partners are collected, and a press conference is organized in Liceo Scientifico “Tassoni”, in Modena.


The Covid-19 situation all over the world heavily affects the project timeline: all the activities with the pupils are postponed.

November 2020
December 2020

First online meeting

All the partners present their institution: school / science center / University. The KU Leuven presents the testing strategy with which the mental models of the pupils will be investigated.

Students’ selection.

Students’ selection for Erasmus+ TASTE test participation.

January 2021
February 2021

Second online meeting

The intellectual outputs list is detailed, discussed and the tasks subdivision amongst the partners has been done. Start of Intellectual Output 1 and 2: TEST preparation and training is scheduled. Crucial decisions on COVID-19 situation have been taken due to the pandemic restrictions all over Europe, the first students mobility will be again postponed at least Fall 2021. IO strategy rediscussed.


TASTE Logo competition launched

March 2021
April 2021

TEST submission

KU Leuven TEST submission teachers training. Ready for the IN Test!

TEST submission

Test submission in schools.

May 2021
May 2021


TASTE Logo competition winner announced!

Test classification

The test is classified and collected by KU Leuven experts.

June 2021
September 2021

Third online meeting

Intellectual Output status discussion. Main tendencies found in the Test.

Test results

Test results presentation by KU Leuven to schools and Planetaria, with misconceptions and mental models’ statistics and figures.

October 2021
December 2021

Intellectual Outputs preparation meeting

Teaching Units

Teaching Units for Intellectual Outputs 4 preparation meeting. First drafts are presented.

January 2022
April 2022

Teaching Units

Teaching Units for the first test in Modena May 2022 are ready.

First students’ mobility

First students’ mobility in Modena, Italy, with the first test on Teaching Units and Planetarium Activities. School activities, Planetarium Day, Labs.
Fourth Transnational Project Meeting, in Modena, Italy, with students’ feedback on teaching units and activities. Further events programming.

May 2022
May 2022

Fourth online meeting

Online meeting for Teaching Units and Planetarium Activities corrections and improvements according to students’ feedback and teachers’ impressions.

Fifth Transnational Project Meeting

Fifth Transnational Project Meeting in Heidelberg, Germany.  Finalization for Teaching Units and planetarium Activities, second mobility programming and agenda.

August 2022
October 2022

Second students’ mobility

Second students’ mobility in Heidelberg, Germany.  Second and final test on Teaching Units and Planetarium Activities. Labs performed at Haus der Astronomie. Some seconds of the solar eclipse on October 25th spotted behind the clouds!

Fifth online meeting

Online meeting for the Teaching Units and the Planetarium activities. Finalization of the books and the tools. Third project students’ mobility preparation and draft agenda.

December 2022